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Frequent questions


  • 01.Why are you doing this work?

    The best way to answer to this question is by taking a little time reading this post. It’s something that comes from my family, from my idea of love.

    To sum up my will I can say that I photograph love to celebrate life and witnessing the beauty. The beauty of a choice, the beauty of a life together,
    These are my will, this is me.

  • 02.How is your style?

    My style starts from a photojournalistic style evolving to a fine art style.

    I’m going to be a shadow, a ninja in some points of your day but I’ll be also ready to create something unique with you and for you. Usually I take a little time to do these in a very relaxed and natural way. I love this part because is an unique moment of intimacy away from the crowd after the ceremony. A moment to take time and then come back to your guests to start an amazing party.

    This means that I know how to be an unobtrusive witness and also a maker of great images telling about you and your uniqueness.

  • 03.Do you travel for wedding, engagement or elopement?

    Of course I do. I’m a London based wedding photographer with a strong connection with my home country, Italy. I have been a wedding photographer in Tuscany, Positano, Umbria, Sicily, Como Lake and of course Milano.

    Obviously I’m willing to travel even outside Uk and Italy and I’m ready to reach you almost everywhere in this little beautiful world.

    Tell me about your great plan.

  • 04.Do you work alone?

    Most of the time yes. I shoot alone the 80% of my weddings and I feel totally confident doing so but, depending of your needs and depending on the type and dimensions of your event, I can propose a professional second shooter at my side.

  • 05.How long does it takes to have our pictures?

    Good point indeed. You are going to have your pictures in 4 to 10 weeks. This time depends from the season.

  • 06.Why you need this time?

    Simply because I am going to choose and work every single file that I’m going to deliver to you. I’m just like an artisan and my materia is the raw file of my camera that I’m going to work and edit in the proper way to give to you a file optimized for a big print.

    Your images are personalized and i need time to edit them in the best way to return those moments, that beauty in the best of ways.

  • 07.Can we print the pictures by ourself?

    Of course you can. You are going to get the images edited in a large resolution optimized to be printed.

  • 08.And what if I want a proper wedding album?

    I’ll be happy to help and to work on this for you. Ask me my brochure, choose what is the best for you and we are going to work together on this to make a great physical proof of your story. A book full of you.

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